JUNE 14 / 10AM -1PM




Experimental Short Film Festival


JUNE 14, 2019 10AM - 1PM


Korea National University of Arts

Seoul, South Korea


Dolgoji Experimental Shorts (DES) is a small film festival for experimental short films from filmmakers-artists around the globe.

We aim to provide a platform for works outside the radar of mainstream film festivals


Film Duration: (Short) 10 minutes maximum (Super Short) 3 minutes maximum

Year of Production: Old and new works are welcome.

All films must have Korean OR English subtitles.

One person can submit up to THREE (3) entries.

Judging Process: Films will be judged by professionals/ filmmakers/ artists based in Dolgoji. Decisions of the judges are final.


Live Screening: Only films with “Award Winner” status will be live screened.

NOT SELECTED: It means that your film is not elected for the current edition of DES. 

SEMI-FINALISTS: It means that although your work has not been selected for the main competition, the selection committee likes it and decided to give you the Semi-Finalist Laurel. This is the final result for your film. 

FINALISTS: It means that your film is nominated for an award but it does not mean it will be live screened. 

AWARD WINNER: It means that your film won one of the following awards; Best Experimental Shorts, Best Experimental Student Short, Best Experimental Super Short, Best Experimental Super Short, Jury Awards. Award winning films will be live screened.

Grounds for Disqualification: Films with political, pornographic, violence, racial/sexual/etc. discriminatory contents. If a person submits more than 3 films, only the first 3 submitted films will be considered. The rest of the submissions will be immediately disqualified. Films with online screeners set to private or with wrong passwords are automatically disqualified. Please make sure to check privacy settings and provide correct passwords before submitting. 


The submitter warrants rightful ownership of the film submitted and do not violate any trademark, copyright and any other intellectual and personal rights.


Dolgoji Experimental Shorts (DES) is granted the right to use stills or posters from any film submitted for promotional purposes of the festival. 


Best Experimental Short
Best Experimental Student Short
Best Experimental Super Short
Best Experimental Student Super Short
Special Jury Awards 


Best Experimental Short Film

A Boxing Country


Director Arjanmar Rebeta

From the very beginning until becoming a boxing champion, Paco “The Hammerhead” De Ocampo was supported by his countrymen. However, at the height of his career, he becomes abusive of an illegal substance which also affects the support & impression of his fellow countrymen.

Best Experimental Student Short Film



Director Alexandra Anokhina

The film "Ilmatar" is inspired bu the first rune of the Karelian-Finnish epos "Kalevala" and shows the birth of Ilmatar (the daughter of air), the emergence of world and the whole universe around the heroine.

Best Experimental Super Short Film

Human Geography

2’34”/Spain, Indonesia

Director Anna Estelles

A trip through the topography of human bodies that evoke landscapes

Jury Awards

What It Feels Like

2018/3’/United Kingdom

Director Steven Fraser

A short animated documentary that investigates voice hearing. 


2018/4’/South Korea, Czech Republic

Director Yeaeun Jang

The story follows a point of view of the God or inanimate beings, and by that it shows a human life with a third party perspective. Life has a limitation that nothing exists forever, but we, human, live as if we live forever. Perhaps it is because we never know when is the ending scene of our lives. As being afraid of that fact personally, I wanted to illustrate about that we all, human beings, experience very similar things repeatedly in life.

Stranger in the City


Director Himanshu Kamble

A stranger wanders around

in an unfamiliar city.

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